Reading group “New Directions in Sound Studies”, Sep 10, 4-6pm

sonic wavesOur colleagues Carolyn Birdsall and Toni Pape are starting a new reading group.

The reading group “New Directions in Sound Studies” offers interested researchers and students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with current discussions in the field of sound studies. We invite everyone with a curious mind and a sense for collective thinking to join us. We also encourage you to bring “problematic sounds,” that is, sounds that give something to think, that interpellate, and that we can engage with collectively.

Our first meeting will be on this coming Thursday, September 10, from 4-6pm in BG1 (Turfdraagsterpad 9), room 1.12.
Our first reading will be from:
Ochoa Gautier, Ana María. Aurality: Listening and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Colombia. Durham: Duke University Press, 2014. pp. 1-29. Click here to access the text.

Subsequent readings will be determined in consultation with reading group members.
For questions, please contact Toni Pape ( or Carolyn Birdsall (