Now that the new academic year has started, it is time for us to update the list of staff members and their expertise.

Arnoud Arps (Memory, Postcolonialism, Travel, Mobility)

Dr. Carolyn Birdsall  (TV History, Radio/Sound Technologies, Material Culture)

Dr. Sudeep Dasgupta  (Critical Theory, Media Aesthetics)

Dr. Joke Hermes  (Audiences, Feminist Media & Cultural Studies)

Dr. Jaap Kooijman  (Star Studies, US Pop Culture)

Dr. Erik Laeven  (Adaptation, Intermediality, Media Practice)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lindner  (Urban Studies, Media Aesthetics, Globalisation)

Dr. Toni Pape  (TV Aesthetics, Seriality, Participatory Media, Reality TV)

Maarten Reesink  (Dutch TV, Reality TV, Animal Studies)

Dr. Sabrina Sauer  (Technology Studies, Innovation)

Dr. Leonie Schmidt  (Media and Islam, Globalisation Studies)

Dr. Markus Stauff  (Digital Culture, Media Sports)

Dr. Jan Teurlings  (TV Production, Reality TV, Political Economy)

Prof. Dr. Jose van Dijck  (TV, Social Media, Media History)

Dr. Martijn de Waal  (Convergence Culture, TV & Social Media)

Prof. Dr. Huub Wijfjes  (Dutch Radio and TV History)