Participatory and Remix Cultures (research seminar)

Toni Pape’s new course on participatory practices across media, begins with trends in contemporary art and relating these to practices of remixing popular culture. Since the 1990s, both particpatory art and digital remix practices have drawn a lot of attention from critics and audiences. In this course, we will first familiarize ourselves with historical models of participation and audience engagement (Brecht, Artaud, the Situationists). We will then look at important developments in contemporary art and its theorizations (Bourriaud, Bishop, Kester). Finally, the course will address participatory practices in popular cultures such as fanfiction and crowdsourcing, but also digital remixes such as sampling, mash-ups and data moshing as well as instances of media ‘reanimation.This class may include a research-creation workshop, in which we will be experimenting with participatory and remix practices to get a practical understanding of the subject-matter.