Americanization and Globalization of Popular Culture (research seminar)

Fabricating-the-Absolute-FakeOne of the new seminars in the Television and Cross-Media Culture program is Jaap Kooijman’s course on “Americanization and Globalization of Popular Culture”. In this seminar students address American popular culture as it  remains dominant in western media cultures.

American television series, Hollywood film, pop music, and advertisements are globally mediated. In this seminar, we use theories of globalization and Americanization to examine this American dominance. Are we all becoming more Americanized or do we make this American culture are own? Moreover, we explore how American culture is actively appropriated through imitation and karaoke Americanism. Using the concept of ‘the absolute fake’, the focus will be on how specific pop-cultural objects produced outside of the US can be analyzed as copies of an American ‘original’