Graduation ceremony

We are happy to congratulate our new alumni, who graduated in Television and Cross-Media Studies. Find their names and the title of their MA-thesis below.

Charlotte van Bochove
Performance through branding: how the HBO brand relates to technical and content developments in TV

Yoko van der Veen
Join the (para)social club

Anastasia Khusid
This is not a game: alternate reality games, media promotion and convergence culture

Eline van der Brugge
Television as new medium: the concept of flow in contemporary multiplatform television

Jon Jonoski
Salvador is in the service of tourists: how are the west and the non-west represented in Dutch tourism shows?

Mirthe Vermaase
The magic spell of Instagram: how Instagram could be used to enhance the illusion of reality

Anne van Zantwijk
Honoring Ramses Shaffy: the afterlife of a legend in a cross-medial Age

Djalyza Kaersenhout
The post-apocalyps: from science-fiction to reality!

Milah van Strijp
The total myth of user agency: a critical analysis of contemporary programming and marketing strategies of traditional broadcasters

Loetje de Voogt
Let the fanfic in! The value and contribution of fanfiction to the transmedia network

Rebecca van der Weijde
Diana: the people’s princess on the screen

Nina Janssens
What to do with the audience: about the pros and cons, usefulness and feasibility of citizen journalism

Rowan Olierook
The interaction of animation and live-action: The function of animation in partly-animated hybrid documentaries

Eveline van Heumen
Mediated Amsterdam: urban screens, changing paths

Megan Gerber
Mind the gap: a socially and economically polarized London in BBC One’s SHERLOCK and LUTHER

Hugo Schonewille
The copyright balance on YouTube. Weighing vs. counting the words of the user

Rachelle Berends
How television theory is necessary for understanding YouTube

Nadine Meanwell
Cum-On! Porna and its happily ever after ending

Eva van Kempen
Enjoying the annoying: The viewer’s affective relationship with the reality show Utopia

Aster Reinboud
Netflix and the experience of you: flow, control and television experiences in the digital age

Daniël Fransman
Transforming liveness: Olympic speed-skating in the multi-platform era

Rick Hoving
On-demand narrative: database logic as part of the poetics of transmedia storytelling

Rosine de Rijk
More norm trouble please! (Non) normative representations in children’s television shows

Evy Knol
Transmedia TV and its potential: The contemporary status of transmedia storytelling within the Dutch television industry

Marije de Wolf
De impact is zoveel groter: De uitdaging van transmedia storytelling in een documentaire context

Rosemarie van den Broek
One big happy family: heteronormativity and gay and queer Visibility in the sitcom Modern Family

Felix van Gisbergen
Extending liveness – redirecting flow

Wendy Ruitenberg
Humanisten in de dop: Over de identiteit van de omroep Human in zijn jeugdprogramma’s